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Wednesday, October 27

GitHub on GitHub

After a demo packed Keynote hosted by CEO Nat Friedman, GitHub product leaders and other special guests will dive into the latest feature updates showcasing how we successfully use GitHub at GitHub.

SpeakerNat Friedman, Chief Executive Officer, GitHub


Thursday, October 28

Our Interconnected Community

Following a community-inspired Keynote with COO Erica Brescia, we’ll shine the spotlight on the innovative ways developers, maintainers and companies are using GitHub to solve their biggest challenges, together.

SpeakerErica Brescia, Chief Operating Officer, GitHub

On Demand


Searching for Solorigate: How CodeQL empowered the search for malicious code

SpeakerJosh Brown-White, Principal Security Lead, Microsoft 

Code, Security, Breakout, Security, Enterprise, On Demand
Getting started with Codespaces

SpeakerAllison Weins, Senior Product Manager, GitHub

SpeakerBailey Brooks, Product Manager II, GitHub

Code, Breakout, Developer Productivity, Developer, Enterprise, On Demand
GitHub flow with GitHub Actions

SpeakerSeema Saharan, Associate Systems Engineer, IBM India Pvt Ltd

Actions, Breakout, DevOps, Developer, Enterprise, On Demand
The ReadME Project presents: Using code as documentation to save time and share context

Speaker Monica Powell, Senior Software Engineer, Newsela

Code, Live Q&A, Developer Productivity, Developer, Interactive
The ReadME Project Presents: Optimize local dev environments for better onboarding

Speaker James Turnbull, VP of Engineering, Sotheby's

Code, Live Q&A, Communities, Developer, Interactive
How hobbies can help you become a better software engineer

Speaker Kunle Oshiyoye, Software Engineer, GitHub

Code, Live Q&A, Communities, Developer, Interactive
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Nat Friedman
Nat Friedman
Chief Executive Officer
Nithya Ruff
Nithya Ruff
Head of OpenSource
Ana Jimenez
Ana Jimenez
OSPO Program Manager
TODO Group
Erica Brescia
Erica Brescia
Chief Operating Officer
Richard Boyd
Richard Boyd
Developer Advocate
Amazon Web Services - Developer Tools